Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Tupelo, Mississippi

As with all congregations, the work of our church takes many hands and we organize committees for specific purposes.
Each Committee Leader is a Member of the Congregation.
The committee memberships are open to any interested person: friend, visitor or member. 
The More You Participate the More You Benefit.
Leader:  John Wages  
Maintains, updates and submits revisions for approval to the fundamental rules governing our status as a Mississippi Corporation and as an IRS approved non taxable church.
Committee Members: Isaac Hardy, Gwen Wages, Bob Spencer, 
(Your name could be here).

Leader: Janet Hardy
Publishes the Sunday programs, contributes to our website and Facebook Group, Monitors advertisements in print and electronic media.
Committee Members:  Isaac Hardy, Ima Beam, Gwen Wages,  Bob Spencer,
(Your name could be here)

Faith Development (Religious Education)
Leader:  Janet Hardy
Develops and presents the programs for the Faith Development Sunday (2nd Sunday) each month.
Committee Members:   Shannon Curry,  Betty Spencer
(Your name could be here)

Leader:  Sammie Swinney
Plans the budget for each fiscal year and submits it for approval by the Board
and Congregation.  Monitors expenses and income to insure that our cash flow
is balanced and in agreement with the approved budget. 
Committee Members:  Tish Kennedy, Jack Goodman, Ima Beam, Bob Spencer
(Your name could be here)

Leader:  Ima Beam
Maintains the records of membership of our Congregation and posts membership information to the data base of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.  Communicates with members to insure our records are up to date.  Records significant events that affect membership and status.
Committee Members:  Tish Kennedy, Betty Spencer, Bob Spencer
(Your name could be here)

Programs & Services
Leader:  Vacant (Bob Spencer acting)
Develops program schedules, arranges for speakers, budgets for required fees and support/accomodations.  Seeks and maintains contact with outside speakers to acquire and present services of interest.
Committee Members:  Bob Spencer, Ima Beam, John Wages, 
(If you know interesting speakers your name SHOULD be here)

Social Committee
Leader:  (Vacant)
Organizes social events outside regular Sunday Services.  Arranges snacks, beverage services and service ware for regular Sunday Services.  Maintains stock of food/beverage service expendables. 
Committee Members:  Betty Spencer, Sammie Swinney, Janet Hardy,
(If you like to eat, snack or sip your name SHOULD be here)
(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)
The UU Congregation of Tupelo is incorporated in the State of Mississippi as a Church.
It is fully authorized to receive donations and own property as a tax-exempt organization under IRS Tax Code 501 (c)(3).

President and chief executive officer:  Isaac Hardy
Vice President:  Gwen Wages
Secretary:  Betty Spencer
Treasurer and chief financial officer:  Sammie Swinney